Reason number 1203 to love BNI: Come for the retailers, stay for the referrals.

Today’s recap (12/03/2019):

Last week’s stats by Tony C.:

29 referrals given, 21 1-2-1s, 3 visitors, and $46,061 of TYFCB.

Total for Nov to date: 115 referrals given, 64 1-2-1, & 8 visitors, $272,649 TYFCB,

Total for Year to date: 279 referrals, 112 1-2-1’s, 22 visitors, & $500k TYFCB

Goals: 100/mo (1200/yr) referrals, 90/mo (1080/yr) 1-2-1’s, 10/mo (120/yr) visitors & $250k/mo ($3M/yr) TYFCB

Education: Gus talked to us a bit about accountability as being one of BNI core values. In short, we should be accountable to ourselves and each other to help each other grow and reach our goals.

What BNI Means 2 Me: Jim Gavin calls members of BNI his extended family. He is a part of many “networking groups” but BNI is different because the networking is intentional, and the giving of referrals is purposeful in helping each other grow our business. BNI has helped him become a better person.   

Recognition: Several members were recognized as achieving the minimum points to have a “green light” – 8. Stev S was recognized for having the most points for the month of November with a whopping 30.75! Holy Buckets of Referrals and Visitors Batman! The rest of us needs to catch up! 😊

Presenter: Today we had 1 presenters: Tracy F. with Apparel Pros talked to us a bit more about her apparel business and the types of things she can embroider and monogram. But moreover, she noted how important it can be for brand recognition has the wearer of that garment is out and about and how important that can be for this weeks theme of SHOP LOCAL. She then encouraged the group to walk around the room to see the tables that were set up for RETAIL DAY.

Next Week’s Presenter: Tonya Peterson – Director.

Visitors: Today was RETAIL Day. We had lots of visitors and a couple subs. We saw friends, family, clients, co-works and more. It was an awesome day for visitors.

Membership report: Mike S. reminded us to ensure our “classification” is correct and accurate to our primary business offering. This helps define where there is room to invite in a quality visitor and potential new member without a conflict of interest.

Looking for: All trades (plumbing, electric, hvac etc.) as well as business coach, virtual assistant, ad agency, graphic designer, florist, caterer, and a medical benefits / human resources professional, merchant services, and payroll specialist just to name a few.

Door Prize drawing (1-2-1 slips): Stev S. – Rapid Press

Trophy for best commercial: Chad Brune – American Porfolio Mortgage

Members ALREADY in the GREEN this month (NOV): Lot’s of members in the green! Job! Keep up the good work!

Upcoming Events: Open To Business is “open for business” (by appointment only) in Washington County. Contact Tyler Hilsabeck at 612-789-8838 for business consulting.

Dec 5 we are having an MSP Course in Hugo. Contact us for more information.

No BNI meeting 12/24 but we will have one 12/31.

12/27 – THRIVE at CHIPS (RSVP)

Jan 14 – Health and Wellness Day. Let’s invite who we know in the industry.

If you have any announcements or events to add, please contact Monica King (BNI Forest Lake member).

Quote: “A smart person know what to say, a wise person knows whether or not to say it.”

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